In this page, you will find many references to codes I have written or contributed to.

Scientific codes


RAMSES is an open source code to model astrophysical systems, featuring self-gravitating, magnetised, compressible, radiative fluid flows. It is based on the Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) technique on a fully-threaded graded octree. RAMSES is written in Fortran 90 and is making intensive use of the MPI library.
I contributed by improving and tidying up the code that supports particles. Overall, I added 20,000 lines and deleted as many (making me the 7th contributor out of ~50 in terms of number of lines contributed!).
Code available at:


yt is an open-source, permissively-licensed python package for analyzing and visualizing volumetric data.
I am responsible for supporting the RAMSES frontend in yt and significantly contributed to the project (47 pull-requests accepted, contributed 300+ commits).
Code available at:


Pynbody is a light-weight, portable, format-transparent analysis framework for N-body and hydrodynamic astrophysical simulations supporting PKDGRAV/Gasoline, Gadget, N-Chilada, and RAMSES AMR outputs.
I contributed to the code by adding support for the AdaptaHOP halo finder (see pull-request #546). I also improved the performance by changing the reader from a Python-backed solution to a Cython-backed solution (see pull-request #548).
Code available at:

Non scientific codes

Cycling optimizer

This small standalone Python file gathers weather data from and computes the optimal time to commute on your own cycle.
Code available at: